It’s 2010, and just about everyone blessed with fingers and a laptop or a quality cellphone is a click away from firing off opinions with absolutely zero repercussions.

per·spec·tive (pər spektiv)


 drawn in perspective

Etymology: ME < LL perspectivus < L perspicere, to look through < per, through +specere, to look: see spy

  1. noun
    1. the art of picturing objects or a scene in such a way, e.g., by converging lines (linear perspective), as to show them as they appear to the eye with reference to relative distance or depth 
      1. the appearance of objects or scenes as determined by their relative distance and positions
      2. the effect of relative distance and position
      1. a specific point of view in understanding or judging things or events, esp. one that shows them in their true relations to one another
      2. the ability to see things in a true relationship




Kind of cool, huh? Sure. It’s also pretty scary.

Not a fan of the way the Rangers finished the season? “Fire everyone, inept I say!”

Expecting the Knicks to swing and miss on Lebron and D Wade? “It’s the system, they play ZERO D! Time for a new coach.”

That’s the easy part. Here’s a sock, here’s some soap, time to go Full Metal Jacket on anyone who has the audacity to fail while we’re watching and rooting for OUR team.

Listen, I understand, believe me I do. 

Doesn’t mean it’s right.

Sure, the backdrop of this great city remains long on culture, but the pace of this city will forever force us to come up short in the patience department. It is what it is, either accept it, or quite frankly, leave.

However, here’s one thing I notice, and it burns daily in the inferno-like world of sports-radio: a glaring and maddening lack of accountability. From everyone, at various points. And yes, that absolutely includes me.

When was the last time you actually heard someone utter the following 3 words: “I was wrong.”

Well, I’m not prepared to take it that far, not with Jerry Manuel, and not with the New York Mets, not yet anyway. Until David Wright remembers just how good he is and Jason Bay sustains any sort of momentum for more than 2-3 days, the offense remains a joke. Who knows what ailment lurks around the next corner for John Maine, and while we’re at it, a comprehensive update on Carlos Beltran would be nice. What happens when Ike Davis goes around the league, and faces pitchers for the second time? Does he adjust to their inevitable adjustments? 

Castillo? Pagan? Ollie? Still way too many role players and underachievers playing prominent roles to think Wild Card, way too early for that.

Their skipper is arguably one extended losing streak from being replaced, and their GM, well, I firmly believe drowned several times, very publicly. I do not believe he’s the man for the job if the Mets are eventually staring at a full-blown rebuilding project. 

Still, a little perspective…

Sure, the Cubs and Braves resembled the Bad News Bears, kicking it all over the yard in Queens, and even their sweeps are less-than-convincing, but they won. Actually, they’ve won four in a row, and remain perfect since Jerry pulled the trigger and bumped Reyes up to the 3 hole?

And while I’ve never embraced that move and never will, so what; regardless of what I think of their manager, or their offense, or their pitching staff, right now–so what. 

They’re winning.

It’s one thing to critique losses, that’s what makes the sports part of this city spin.

It’s quite another to aggressively do the same with wins.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve all lost perspective. Or, at the least, had our best senses compromised.

This is my little nudge, to the great sports fans in this city, to at least, temporarily get some back.

Until the next loss, that is.

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