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pointing the way?

Let’s quickly establish one thing: Donnie Walsh has flexed some serious patience putting the Knicks in a position to dance with free-agents-to-be this summer. He’s handled this the right way, even if holding onto Crawford and Z Bo may have resulted in a few more W’s and a meaningless 8 seed in the Eastern Conference.

RIght now, Walsh is at the bat rack, choosing his lumber, preparing to dig into the glorious batter’s box known simply as as: 2010.

However, being in a position to take a whack and actually swinging at a strike are two very different things.

Lebron? Strike.

Wade? Strike.

Bosh and Amare, go for it–strikes.

Those players solve problems, other players such as Carlos Boozer and Rudy Gay and even Joe Johnson, while all very, very talented, pose additional questions, and in some cases, CREATE problems.

I’m not paying for questions, not at this point. Been there, done that. I’m paying for answers.

Do I think Lebron’s coming to NYC? No, I don’t, and I never really have. In my gut, I think Dwayne Wade will find reasons to stay in Miami, rather than leaning on excuses to leave. One of those reasons could be Bosh, who is expected to be a key target for Pat Riley. It’s quite possible the top three targets on the market–the names that helped inspire us through another meaningless and pathetic winter of basketball on 7th Avenue–never really hit the market at all. 

At that point, the Knicks either overpay for the services of very good players and never win another championship or, they do nothing.

If the additions aren’t championship pieces, I’ll pass. Not interested.

Something else to consider: while the Knicks inevitably court an array of stars more interested in having their egos stroked than actually signing on the dotted line, what happens to David Lee? What if the Nets come calling, aggressively? Pairing up with Brook Lopez, while playing the 4, would be a great career move for the tenacious Lee, looking ahead.

Imagine the indignation of failing to secure Lebron, Wade, Bosh and Amare AND losing D Lee on the open market, with nothing in return. To the Nets.

We know what Plan A is, and we’ve known for years. We know who the Knicks have lusted after. Smartly, they’ve identified the proper targets, now they need to gauge just how viable those targets are moving forward.

It could be time to quietly revise Plan A, and worry about Lebron say, 2-3 years down the road when he’s really ready to leave Cleveland.

My target is now Chris Paul. 

If I’m Walsh, I’m plotting my plan, putting together a deal that would force the Hornets to bite. They’re bleeding money, and money is the one thing the Knicks actually have.

No one ever said the summer of 2010 had to be conventional.

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  1. Jared

     /  04/29/2010

    If you’re content to wait this thing out, then should Donnie really have given up those two first rounders without top 3 protection on both? I called into 1050 when the McGrady trade was rumored, and i said they could only make the deal if they had the picks protected because I saw this exact scenario playing out. This will be a painful couple of years with no picks AND no players if we can’t strike gold this summer…

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