Lee chills while his agent…plots

In case you missed Mark Bartelstein’s interview this afternoon during Mac and Tierney, here’s a few key points to get you up to speed, enjoy…

On Lee’s preference: 

“David’s made it clear from the beginning, his No. 1 goal would be to be in New York,” but added that he could “pull the trigger and get it done” for another team” if the uncertainty lingers deep into the free agent process.

“But we don’t control all of that and there are a lot of dominoes in place. There are a lot of teams out there that are going to pursue David very hard come July 1. And if the right situation presents itself, and the Knicks are not prepared to give an answer at that point, then he might pull the trigger and get it done.”

On the Knicks won/loss record during Lee’s five seasons in New York: 

“I think the Knicks would be the first to tell you they didn’t really put a premium on winning the last couple years,” Bartelstein said. “They were building for this summer, so you haven’t seen the Knicks go out and bring pieces in around David to help them win.”

“There are a lot of reasons why the Knicks haven’t won, and I think the Knicks have to now make some tough decisions going forward, especially with a guy as young as David is, who figures to only get better in the next couple years.”

On possibility of a sign/trade:

“There are a number of scenarios where I think a sign-and-trade could work, but I think it’s going to be a timing issue more than anything else,” he said.  He also acknowledged that such a scenario is difficult as it involves “at least three different parties.”

On whether or not Lee will receive an invite to the “free agent summit”

“It’s not important at all,” Bartelstein said. “David wants to be happy and he wants to do what’s best for him and his family, be in a place he enjoys going to work every day.”

“Any player loves to play with other great players but the way the free agency market works, it changes every 14 seconds.”

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  1. BT, I like this look of the blog better.

    If David Lee doesnt rerun then I will be pissed. They signed Nate NOT to use him. I say keep Tmac for cheap, keep D. Lee and try to get 1 more.

  2. dunlap39

     /  06/04/2010

    I am with the above poster. I am a Nets fan so I may not know what I am talking about here but I think Lee is just as valuable as Chris Bosh. Bosh isn’t someone anyone will build a team around, he is going to be a complimentary player. Lee has demonstrated that he can get the ball in the bucket and more importantly, can get the rebound at both ends of the floor. The Knicks should go after one big name (not Bosh or Amare) and use the rest of the cash to get a decent veteran.

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