Boozer: I’m “absolutely” better than Lee

Interesting chat with FA (to be) Carlos Boozer this afternoon on 1050; very engaging, would fit right in…very polished, but as you can tell, also very resolute as to where he ranks–specifically when compared to David Lee.

Pretty cool side note with a local tie: before committing to Duke, Mike Jarvis and St. John’s were very much in the mix. In fact, the Johnnies finished second in the recruitment process–obviously behind Duke, and ahead of UCLA.

Q: Do you think you’re a better player than David Lee?

Boozer: “Absolutely I do. I think he’s a very good, young player though. I think he’s had a great season and he was an all-star this year. I think he has a great upside to him, I just think I’m better, but I mean, that’s for you guys to debate about, I don’t worry about that kind of stuff. I just go out there and play for my team and try everything I can to win games and win a ring. David Lee is a great young player, a good friend of mine, and of course I wish him the best of luck as well with whatever he does, if he stays in NY or if he also goes elsewhere.”

Q: How are you able to impact games in a way that perhaps he can’t?

Boozer: “In different ways man, I mean, sometimes it just comes down to knowledge, it comes down to being able to have experience in the playoffs. Another thing about David is he’s never been in a postseasonHe’s been watching a lot of postseasons and I think he’s hungry to win, and I think he wants to be part of a winner as well. I know his passion for the game, he plays hard every night, and I wish him that success.”

Q: Olympic experience and general thoughts on Mike D’Antoni:

Boozer:  “Mike was great, just being around him for those few months, you can tell that he has incredible sense of offense, he’s an offensive genius when it comes to the game of basketball, and you can tell by the way his team’s played in Phoenix, the way he’s trying to play with the team in NY. I’ll tell you what, it was a great experience to play underneath him.”

(entire interview below, enjoy)

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  1. I dont blame Boozer for thinking this but he is not better than Lee.

    Lee is the better rebounder, more consistent jumpshooter, OBVIOUSLY better passer, and younger.

    Boozer is only a better FT shooter.

  2. majorminority

     /  06/08/2010

    Sorry to dissent jsnwwf, but it’s not that, “OBVIOUS.”

    Their numbers are almost identical, as are their heights, and weight. However, there are some key differences. Listen, I love David Lee, in a hetero way, of course, but he’s not going to win any teams a championship. Boozer could be the #2 guy on a championship team. David Lee could be a great third banana, maybe even fourth.

    Boozer is better on defense, and Lee is only 2 years younger. Their shooting is very similar, but I think Boozer’s mid-range shot is actually a little more reliable, and his fundamentals are slightly more refined. Lee relies on energy, right now, but that’s hard to keep up over a career. Boozer has also won, in high pressure situations. Lee hasn’t had the opportunity yet. Oh, and Boozer leads Lee by a landslide in chest hair.

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