Choose your weapon, and let it fly…

Truthfully, no one knows exactly what will happen once the clock strikes midnight on July 1st.

Sure, a ton of calls will be placed and a handful of pathetic driveway pleas will occur, but in terms of knowing EXACTLY where each prominent free agent will land, trust me, no one knows.


Mr. Gilbert in Cleveland? No clue.

Mr. Walsh at 2 Penn Plaza? No clue.

Mr. Prokhorov in Newark/Brooklyn? No clue.

I’m firmly convinced the majority of the players, you know, the real commodities, I’m not even sure if they know.

It’s the summer of 2010, and the NBA is poised for a radical shift in power. In many ways, it’s left David Stern minus the golden gavel, and a handful of owners and general managers desperate;  desperate to shed the shackles of league irrelevance and join the party of power brokers and big time players. Unlike the other majors, in the NBA, there’s no middle ground. You either matter, or you don’t.

It’s a game-changer, a chance to demolish a cracking, peeling foundation and replace it with a waterfront condo, complete with high ceilings, Italian marble and a wrap-around terrace.

For avid NBA fans, the blueprint for this summer was built long ago; for others, namely talkies who for some reason still mindlessly focus on football in June, well, they caught on at the tail end of 2009. Congrats.

Hey, better late than never, huh?

Anyway, for three years, while embracing the Summer of 2010, I refused to get sucked into the “Lebron-and-Wade-to-the-Knicks” hype machine.

Trust me, it was tempting.

After witnessing nearly a decade of inept and uninspired basketball roughly 15 feet from the Garden floor, that would have represented the easy, and sometimes, safe way out. HOPE!!!

But I just never felt it would happen.

And I still don’t.

Yes, Tom Izzo rejecting the Cavs offer tacks on a few percentage points in the “he’s coming” column. It most definitely represents a positive development, one Knick fans should embrace.

It represents hope.

The players above, they represent more than hope. 

They represent Eastern Conference supremacy and bling.

But are they actually coming? Is there a chance the Knicks come up empty in a few weeks?

Doubt it.

I’ve always believed that Plan B and C for Donnie Walsh extends way beyond free agency and into the trade market.

I also believe that Danillo Gallinari is in the formative stage of developing into a consistent All Star. Either way, the dark ages are over in Gotham, and the lights on 7th Avenue will return. The Knicks WILL be better this season and are clearly on the right track, thanks to Walsh’s patience.

But again, which players are actually coming?

First a few things that will not happen:

Lebron’s not coming by himself and neither is D Wade. I do not believe the two will pair up, never have. If Lebron comes, you better believe he’ll roll into the introductory press conference with Chris Bosh in his back pocket. Also, no chance Bosh comes Han Solo. You can take this one to the bank: he’ll be playing with James or Wade next season. 

Sorry Chicago, but Lebron’s not coming to the Windy City, so stop begging.

Since everyone else is secondary, grab a dart, and fire away!

Lebron James: 3 year extension with the Cavs, followed by a similar deal with the Knicks–or Nets

Dwayne Wade: staying put

Chris Bosh: Miami

Amare Stoudamire: Knicks or Nets

Carlos Boozer: Nets (Knicks could be in play as well, depending upon Amare)

Joe Johnson: Knicks (4-year deal, nowhere near max-money)

David Lee: No clue…might very well be among the last FA’s standing. So much depends on what transpires with the elite players, but I think the Knicks and Nets are in play

Dirk Nowitski: Mavs

Rudy Gay: (restricted FA) stays in Memphis but T Wolves will pursue aggressively.

Of course, this could all change tomorrow.

Pretty exhausting, I mean, fun game, huh?

Tick, tock.

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  1. bdegrande

     /  06/19/2010

    Don’t know where LeBron is going (NY, Chi, Mia), but it won’t be the Cavs. That team is not only awful (maybe a 20 win team without LeBron, look at their record when he sits), but hamstrung by bad contracts. Kobe has good teammates, Jordan’s team was a playoff team without him, LeBron is fed up with not having any help. Not saying he’s going to the Knicks, but their team (Gallinari, Chandler, Lee, Douglas) is FAR better than Cleveland going forward, and that’s before adding a second max player and before trading Eddy Curry’s expiring contract and before using the mid level exception (and I agree with you, please NOT Shaq).

  2. I think it would be excellent to see Bosh, Wade, and Lebron all on the same team, though. I am not, however, sure that this is close to being even possible at this point.

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