This town is green…for now


Granted, in the history department, it’s no contest, not even close.  

It’s The Globtrotters vs. The Generals, Dartmouth vs. JUCO’s in the library and Rocky vs. Lang–Part I. 

In essence, it’s a complete and utter mismatch. 

One organization, the Giants, has a secure lineage with the league, proactive and  instrumental in sharing funds and preventing the NFL from basically becoming MLB. Feel free to thank the Giants and the Steelers for competitive balance, and it’s a beautiful thing. Their trophy case is pretty full as well, all the way from Parcells to Coughlin, from Simms to Eli, from Taylor to Strahan. 

New York Giant fans have earned their platform, their stage, and to their credit, they have gracefully protected it and shielded it from their co-tenant, the New York Jets. 

For decades. 

Despite Joe Willie’s guarantee, the Jets timeline remains a snap shots of fumbles, failed draft picks, fake spikes, and empty (burning) seats. Yes, they’ve enjoyed intermittent success, and long ago managed to escape the unforgiving cellar of pro sports. However, unlike the Giants, that ascension rarely lasts, and the fall usually results in a demoralizing and resounding thump. 

And usually, the climb back towards relevance is sheer and utter hell. 

Jet fans know that, and Jet fans accept that. Basically, the Giants always matter, and the Jets rarely do. 

Want proof? Stare at the logo below, go ahead. Is there a trace of enjoyment, a modicum of success that enters your realm upon examining it? The answer is no. Study it long enough, and you’ll probably throw up. 


Sick yet? 

The excruciating part is accepting the fact that until they win a Super Bowl in my lifetime, I’ve signed up for a terminal amount of pain. 

The easy part is enjoying last season’s riveting finish coupled with the flashy start to camp and the 2010 season. 

The Jets are the hot commodity, one of the teams to beat, and currently, offer a blueprint for all teams to emulate: a demonstrative and gifted head coach, a rock-solid defense supported by myriad offensive weapons, anchored by an elite offensive line protecting a blossoming franchise QB. 

The Giants? Are they even the 3rd best team in their division? While they certainly have their QB in Eli, when you truly evaluate the two overriding issues in camp thus far, it’s not pleasant. The O-line is aging and on the cusp of a shakeup, and the defense is battling injuries everywhere. 

Still, the pessimist points to the inevitable fall, how the Jets will quickly abdicate the “throne” and become peasants once more, and face the wrath of NFL fans everywhere. 

“They talk too much.” 

“They’re still the Jets.” 

“It’s still a Giants town, always has been, always will be.” 

Funny, I don’t think it is, hardly. Not now, and not last year. 

Mid-80’s flashback: the Yankees, even with all of their championships and Hall of Fame plaques, were shoved aside by the Mets. The Mets ran this town the same way the Jets are hoping to strengthen their grip on the city–with arrogance, with personality, and with results. 

They pummeled you and they laughed at you, and if you resisted, fists flew. Ask Eric Davis. 

From Day 1, Rex Ryan planted the seeds of bravado, much like Davey Johnson did with Doc, Keith and Strawberry, and they followed his lead. They operated without rules, and without a net. Watch any Ryan press conference and you’ll quickly discover, he’s doing the same thing. 

It’s great if it works, embarrassing if it does not. Not an inch of middle ground. 

Defining relevance and buzz and marketability are pretty tough, and the results are often blurred. Still, some things cannot be ignored, and the HBO cameras and national TV appearances confirm the Jets current stranglehold on the market. 

Unlike the last stadium, the ownership papers for this one are up for grabs. Who wants 'em?


And there’s not a damn thing Giant fans can do about it, really, aside from A) hope the Jets fail miserably and B) pray the Giants successfully patched together the 3rd worse defense in football a year ago this offseason. 

The Jets are the hot ticket, and their jerseys are flying off the rack. By now, you have your Eli jersey, and your Tuck jersey and your Jacobs jersey. Actually, the rack at Modell’s is pretty stale when it comes to the blue jerseys, no? Which one are you racing out to buy? You’re not, because quite frankly, no one knows what the future holds, and long-term, there are few guarantees on this roster, including the head coach. 

Do you honestly believe that the stripe that punctuates this great city, at this moment, isn’t green, compared to the usual blue? 

Of course it is. 

It doesn’t mean the Jets have a better history, they never will, and that’s not the point. 

Forget the past, and absorb the moment, take note, because at this particular moment, you better believe that this city is dripping with green spray paint–despite the feeble and immature rejections of those wearing blue. 

Then again, I get it, and I always have: fans are fans, and sometimes passion gets in the way of the facts, and that’s OK. 

But deep down, Giant fans are perceptive enough to know, and curious enough to sneak a peek at the real story in town, and that story is the New York Jets. 

Like I said, this town is green. 

Game on.

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  1. The Giants have a pretty boring team, defensively and offensively while the Jets have the most exciting defense to watch.

    – Best on 3rd downs
    – Best passing defense(that got better!)
    – Added Jason Taylor, which helps a ton rushing the QB.
    – They talk smack

    Its Green and it will stay that way, BT.

    – Jsnwwf on Twitter

  2. nygfan92

     /  08/13/2010

    Being a die hard Giants fan let me be the first to say there is no argument here. The Jets have made every move to take the proverbial “torch” from the Giants. The Jets have the spotlight, the swagger, one of the top player’s coaches in the league. What do the Giants have? Question Marks…. I will say this – The Giants love playing the underdog card. If they stay healthy they can certainly make noise in the NFC. Fewell will make a difference, that’s a statement I will stand by. It feels great to be talking about football again. Love the show, thanks to ESPN radio I can tune in from south Florida.

    -sav_himself on twitter.

  3. What is the point of this article? As a die hard Jet fan you are happy that the chamber of commerce fans are out of the woodwork rooting for your lovable loser team? I am a Giants fan, I hate the Jets and always have since 1988 when Al Toon knocked us out of the playoff hunt. I am not one of these phony “Im a Giants fan but im rooting for NY” losers who feels the need to jump on a bandwagon. From Gate D, to Hard Knocks, to Rex Ryan, to loser Fireman Ed, to lighting the old stadium on fire on painter hat night, to mooching off Bill Parcells I wish nothing but misery for your franchise. You can have the phony bandwagon jumpers we don’t want them.

    Patriots 35
    Jets 17

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