Herm Edwards: unplugged with Mac & Tierney

as heard on 1050 ESPN New York with Mac & Tierney:

On his personal experience dealing with difficult press conferences as a Head Coach:

“Well, when you’re in those situations all of them are hard but the hardest one I had to handle obviously is 9/11…nothing comes close to that. It starts there and ends there and nothing ever will come close to that. Without that there are some other deals that you deal with, what Coach Ryan is dealing with is always interesting to say the least, in the fact you have player whose priorities are a little screwed up right now and doesn’t realize the importance of how we have to prioritize our responsibilities over the regular season is a little bit different than the offseason… and what you do and how you act during the season is just as important as the season, but now it’s the season and you are focused on, and have six months committed to what we do and try to win football games and again, this is a good player that got himself in a situation that no one likes and now you have to make a decision as a head coach–and every coach is faced with this at times when it becomes a public distraction for your football team–I think according to how you look at it and the rules you set forth prior to your football team before that action even took place…in other words, at training camp there are things you talk (about) to your football team, especially during the season about how you conduct yourself and if things come up this is what is going to happen to you.  So, I think this conversation was already talked about…I know when I coached, at training camp, I let it be known that hey, when you do certain things this is what’s going to happen to you. I don’t care what the rules are, the regulations are, I’m the head coach and I’m going to do what I see is fit for this football team, so when you handle that early , when it comes up, it’s addressed and its done…and when you make the decisions it’s really not hard.”

On whether Rex Ryan handled Braylon Edwards’ situation properly:

“No, I mean,  I don’t think so, he has to do what he feels best. I had the same thing happen to me with John Abraham and I benched him, and we still won.  I mean everyone handles it different and Rex has to handle it his way. And that’s the great thing about being a head coach you can do it the way you want to do it. No one can tell you what you can do. For me,  I know myself, I know how I’m built, I know what I am made of, I know things that bother me and players know if they cross the line with me you understand. But the players understand these things way before anything happens. I’m not just talking so they know when it happens, guess what: every player in that locker room knew on Tuesday that John Abraham wasn’t playing Sunday, there is no way he was going to play and I didn’t care what the league said or anyone else said, you want to fine me then fine me, but John isn’t playing.”

On the recent turmoil of the New York Giants:

“Well,  (I think) no one likes to lose and if you get a player, heat of the moment, he’s a little disappointed how he and the team played. But I always tell players I’ll never tell you what to say but realize before you say it, how many people it’s going to affect. Sometimes you say things and it becomes oh-ohu, what did I say, and now not only do you have to hear about it for the whole week, but everyone else in that locker room is going to be hearing about it all week as well.  That’s OK, players get emotiona, you can never tell players they can’t talk to the media because they need to talk and get certain things off their chest.  But understand when it comes out of your mouth who else this is going to affect.  Is it going to distract this football team from their game against the Titans?  So I get it, I have been there before, I heard players say something and I’m going man, Coach isn’t going to like that…but that is just what you go thru.”

On a possible return to coaching:

“I’ll tell you which one, but understand this: if you get a job as a head coach in the National Football League it’s a privilege, trust me and they are all good teams. They all got good players, every team has about 20 good players, and if you are lucky you have a couple more. If you’re really lucky those guys are key guys such as the QB’s, and the dominant left tackle, there are some positions that are more important than others. You know what one team I find really interesting right now, and I shouldn’t be saying this because I am out of the NFC East and you learn to hate these guys, are the Cowboys. They are very interesting because they are like the Ryder Cup team, they got all these guys, great players, but they just can’t figure out how to win together. They can’t figure that out yet and I can’t figure out why. I sit there and watch them and I go this is amazing to me, they have a great defense, got a good mobile QB, good receivers, and not one but three good running backs, and you sit and watch them play and  you wonder what are you guys doing? Now they would kill me in Philly if I went to the Cowboys, we are talking a hypothetical here, right. I’ll be calling you next year discussing a different team.”

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