Hey, at least the offense is pretty good!

Much like Lotto...you just never know.

Take your pick:

Madoff. Ponzi Scheme. Trustee. Minority Stake.


Spring. Hope. Possibilities. Offense.


So, while the dark cloud hovering over Queens won’t completely dissipate anytime soon, there is a season…to look forward to…I think.

Forget the bullpen, and the closer who too often channels his inner-Hulk Hogan, or the ace pitcher with a bum shoulder, and a LOT of money and years left on his deal.

Forget them.

While you’re at it, forget the rest of the rotation, or at the very least, pray to God that Dickey’s knuckler continues to dance and Niese and Pelfrey continue to improve.

For the purpose of this exercise, focus on the line-up, and what might be.

What could be.

Yes, it’s an overly optimistic way of viewing things, but now, as Princess Leia once said…”it’s your only hope.”

And without a doubt, it’s the strength of your team.

Embrace it.

And continue to pray…

I’m not Terry Collins, granted. But for the purposes of this post, I’m controlling the keyboard, and I’m writing out the lineup. (with realistic expectations for each player)

Batter up!

     1) Jose Reyes, SS: .292, 190 hits, 30+ doubles, 10-14 triples, 13-15 HR’s, 110 runs scored, 55 + steals

2) Angel Pagan, CF: .285, 30+  doubles, 12-15 HR’s, 90 runs scored, 40 + steals

     3) David Wright, 3B: .300-.305, 40 doubles, 28-32 HR’s, 110 RBI’s, 25 + steals (Top 5, MVP voting)

4) Jason Bay, LF: .280-.285, 35 doubles, 25 HR’s, 90 + RBI’s, 18-22 steals

5) Carlos Beltran, RF: .275-.280, 30 + doubles, 23-25 HR’s, 85-90 RBI’s

     6)Ike Davis, 1B: .272, 25-30 doubles, 25 HR’s, Gold Glove

7) Danny Murphy, 2B: .282, 25 2B’s, 65 RBI’s, .370 OBP%

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