A Bunch for Brady

So, you think this kid Brady might make it in the league someday, huh?

Amazingly, Tom Brady is on pace for 8,272 yards and 64 TD’s. That’s EIGHT-THOUSAND-TWO-HUNDRED-AND-SEVENTY-TWO-YARDS-AND-SIXTY-FOUR-TOUCHDOWNS.

What’s even more amazing, is that I didn’t even flinch when typing those numbers, and I’m pretty sure you didn’t either when reading them. Remember, this is the same QB who effortlessly tossed 50 TD’s a few years ago, and with four already in his back pocket, and the Dolphins on the schedule again, hey, why the hell not?

While 8 large surely is a stretch, is 6000 yards possible?


Twice, in league history has a QB surpassed the magical 5K mark: Dan Marino in 1984 (5,084) and Drew Brees in 2008 (5,069). One all-time great, and the other quickly working his way up the ladder. Unlike baseball’s (once) cherished single-season HR record, this number will only be reached by icons.

Roger Maris was pretty good. Actually, for a few seasons, he was really good.

Tom Brady is an icon.

Big difference.

Look at it this way: if Tom Brady lights up the Chargers like he did Miami, he will already have roughly 1,000 yards passing for the season.

24 Z Slot hook....ahhh, screw it, just run somewhere, I'll find you. On two, break!

On September 18th.

Need some additional context?

Donovan McNabb will need 4 seasons to catch Brady’s potential two-week output.

Clearly, the reason Brady even has a chance to crack the Y6-K is pretty simple: he’s simply too good for this league.

Yes, the league with 220 pound corners with 4.3 speed and LB’ers seemingly built in laboratories, this guy continues, really, to do whatever the hell he feels like.

Which brings us to another integral piece of the puzzle: his coach.

Forget the defensive background, it’s an act. Bill Belichick takes perverse pleasure in beating the crap out of people. The more the scoreboard flips, and the higher the numbers go, the better. It’s almost like a drug. I mean, really, this guy just loves emasculating professional athletes.

In the pursuit of the 6,000, that’s a key component. Up 20 + in the 3rd quarter? Let’s run a go route!

And, as if the guy needs any more help, well, here it is:

The lockout has left secondaries in shambles, creating yet another competitive advantage for teams with offensive chemistry and consistent roster personnel.


The amount of 300+ yard passers in Week 1 was eye-opening, and alarming to the point where a little research was in order.

Compare the 1st Week of 2002, and how many QB’s tossed the football around so freely:

Kerry Collins, 342 yards (Giants)

Shane Matthews, 327 yards (Redskins)

Kelly Holcomb, 326 yards (Browns)

Kurt Warner, 315 yards (Rams)

How about five years ago, for a more recent snap shot?

Chad Pennington, 319 yards (Jets)

Donovan McNabb, 314 yards (Eagles)

Kurt Warner, 301 yards (Cardinals)

This past weekend?

How much time ‘ya got?

Brady, 517 yards (Patriots)

Cam Newton, 422 yards (Panthers)

Drew Brees, 419 yards (Saints)

Chad Henne, 416 yards (Dolphins)

Tony Romo, 342 yards (Cowboys)

Phillip Rivers, 335 yards (Chargers)

Mark Sanchez, 335 yards (Jets)

Matt Ryan, 319 yards (Falcons)

Aaron Rodgers, 312 yards (Packers)

Jay Cutler, 312 yards (Bears)

Kevin Kolb, 309 yards (Cardinals)

Rex Grossman, 305 yards (Redskins)

Matthew Stafford, 305 yards (Lions)

Kyle Orton, 304 yards (Broncos)

Basically, everyone’s doing it, which means Tom Brady will do it a gazillion times better than everyone else.

Basically, everyone.

6000 yards.

It’s coming.

As much as I want to hate the guy, it’s tough. He’s really THAT good.

Jordan good.

The rest of the league better pray he doesn’t get greedy in the next few years.

Imagine Tom Brady on steroids?

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