Hopefully, you’re beginning to view this site as a must read, particularly for NFL picks. If so, you’re basking in yet another productive weekend heading into tonight’s Giants-Rams tilt in New Jersey. Easy covers with the Jets (-9) and Green Bay/Carolina OVER negate a narrow loss for the Redskins who moved to 2-0 but failed to cover the number. If you heeded my advice and purchased 1/2 point for Dallas, you’re truly sitting pretty. If not, consider this lesson # 1: when in doubt, always bring the number inside a FG. Tough push with the Raiders in Buffalo in a very entertaining game. Chan Gailey has some weapons in Western New York; keep an eye on them moving forward, especially OVER scenarios. They have talent.

If you lost count, that’s 3-1-1 thus far in Week 2. Lay the wood for Big Blue, and hope like hell they hit the field pissed off–and that Eli throws more balls to his guys, than the other guys.

If that scenario makes you flinch, consider teasing Coughlin’s Crew down to -1, and work the O/U in whichever direction you feel most comfortable.

Me? I’d move the number up.

Simply can’t see the scoreboard working too much tonight. Too many injuries.

Week 2: 3-1-1 ATS

Season to date: 7-3-1 ATS


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