Trouble brewing…

Joe Willie's firing heat...and the Jets are returning serve.

This isn’t going to end well.

Not because the Jets are sentenced to a lifetime of unfulfilled promise and expectations.


Has nothing to do with “Same old Jets” either.

Personally, I’ve always resisted such a pessimistic outlook on things. Expect to lose, and you will lose.

It’s not going to end well, because, pssssssssst!…the Jets are simply overrated.

Fatally flawed, plain and simple.

To be fair, they’ve earned the national spotlight. You don’t stumble upon consecutive conference title games without doing a multitude of things well, not at this level.

The problem is, the Jets simply don’t do enough things well. More specifically, they no longer do well…what they used to do so well.

Natural pass rush? Still waiting.

Offensive line? Brutal. With Mangold? Average at best.

Running game? Non-existent.

Playmakers on defense? Don’t see many.

The punter sucks.

The offensive coordinator is maddeningly overrated.

Leadership? Did you see how fast “captain” Santonio Holmes passed the buck after Sunday’s beat-down in Baltimore?

“It starts up front with our big guys, they need to do a better job protecting Mark and Mark has to do a better job making his reads and getting the ball to playmakers,” Holmes said.

That’s not leadership.

That’s called “Imploding 101.”

Pointing fingers is always dangerous, especially in New York where each day is a soap opera, each game a season.

Even worse, their identity doesn’t remotely match their true identity. Amazingly, people still buy into the “Ground & Pound” crap.

Sounds good, too bad it’s anything but true. The Jets can’t line up and blow anyone off the line of scrimmage for 60 minutes, and with slow LB’ers, the entire middle of the field is like centerfield at the old Yankee Stadium: cavernous.

Sorry, but Darrelle Revis can only be in one place at one time.

Bart Scott can no longer cash checks his mouth so desperately wants to write, and as talented as Antonio Cromartie is, he lacks discipline and natural instincts.

That’s a problem.

But perhaps, not their biggest.

Mark Sanchez might be.

I like Sanchez, I do. I know he wants to win, and I know he puts the necessary time in to succeed, but in terms of pure, natural NFL talent, he lags painfully behind the next breed of signal-callers. Even more alarming is that his ultimate upside seems much lower than anyone imagined several years ago.

Without hesitating, I’m pretty sure you could rip off 15 names you’d rather have as your franchise QB. If you really give it some thought, that list could swell to 18, or 20.

His TD/INT ratio remains poor, and his completion % is simply unacceptable. 54.5 %. Are you kidding me? That’s not bad. That’s HORRENDOUS.

Imagine a starting pitcher with say, a 5.76 ERA and a 1.79 WHIP.

That’s where he currently resides, roughly.

Considering the way the game has evolved offensively the past few seasons, it’s fair to wonder whether the Jets drafted the wrong guy.

Josh Freeman is better, and it’s not as close as you think.

He has the look, but does he have enough game?

As if there weren’t enough obstacles to overcome, the Jets are now tempting fate, laughing in the face of karma.





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Which brings us to Namath.
I know, I know, Joe comes across as aloof and at times, petty, during his weekly radio spots, complaining and voicing his displeasure with certain things. Dismiss him at your own peril, but, I think he was seriously onto something last week, following the thrashing in Oaktown.

“I think these guys might be believing that they’re better than they are,” Namath said. “Rex has been the only coach that we know, in maybe the history of the game that I’m familiar with, that keeps continually telling his guys how good they are. And they have been pretty good — pretty good — but they haven’t won a championship yet. I think they’ve got to remember that there’s room for improvement.”

One thing we know about the Jets, and for the most part, it’s a good thing, is that nothing and nobody is off limits. Take a swipe at our guy, and we’ll take two at yours. Remember when Rex Ryan said that a few years ago? It’s been their mantra, and it’s worked. It’s sparked unity within the locker room and hope within the long-suffering fan base. That’s a good thing.

Unless you’re taking a swipe at Joe Namath, and Ryan didn’t hesitate.

That is anything but good.

“Namath can come in here, and if he can still throw, we’ll have him as a backup quarterback, but you know what? He doesn’t know our team.”

Backup quarterback? Namath?

And because one good insult deserves another, Matt Slauson joined the party after Rex’s 1-2 combo:

“We don’t care one bit what Joe Namath has to say. He means nothing to us.”

Matt Slauson!


The season is 25% complete and the Jets under Ryan have always bucked the odds. They win on the road, regularly. They win playoff games on the road, regularly.

But there’s a fine-line between being aggressive and cocky, and reckless and irresponsible.

The Jets are crossing that line, and in this league, you can’t always go back once you do.

They need to nip this immediately, and as always, it starts with the coach, followed  by the QB.

I have every reason to believe Rex will take care of his business, he always has.

The QB?

For the first time, I have serious doubts.

Hey Mark, it’s your huddle and your offense.

Fix it.

Before it’s too late.

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  1. stampats

     /  10/04/2011


    What’s really different from tha past 2 years?

    Hey I was calling from the mountain tops for JOSH FREEMAN over Sanchez…

    Last year when Slausson started off slow he was allowed to develop because the rest of the line stayed healthy – Now Wayne Hunter is getting little to no help without Mangold… It happens.

    Lets at least wait for Mangold to get back and see if things stabalize….

    As for all the flaws – Well yeah, they have always been there – they were there in the Championship games…. The OL was always a Mangold loss away from disaster – Most teams have a position or two with little to no depth these days.

    Gotta love Joe, Francessa and all the Geniuses who now get to stand on some pulpit and preach to Jet fans and pat themselves on the back with the all knowing smirk….

    IMO, Sickening, as if they waited over 2 season now to #### on someone’s parade, they saved up all their #### for This.

    Congrats Freaking geniuses… Now leave us alone while we pull put boot straps back up… Just go away Joe, Go away Mike….


    Most Jets fans are far from dilusional and have seen it all… And most Jets fans know Rex’ Super Bowl talkis mostly about motivating a team and IMO, it’s fine becasue every team in the NFL should have the goal of the Super Bowl and not be afraid to say it… Love how people try to spin that around.

  2. BT I met you last year at the Meadowlands Pep Rally before the New England playoff game. We spoke shortly and you and Mac were great. I told you that I loved listening to your show and that I hate Francesa. He doesn’t speak with you he shouts over you and at you.
    Anyway I am a huge Jets fan and to be honest I had my reservations about this team after last year. Losing Woody was big, Plaxico is not great pick up but even if we kept Braylon he is hurt so no point in trying to compare.
    I met Joe Namath a few times and the man bleeds green and white. And he deserves respect just because of what he did in Super Bowl III. Right now je is the face of the franchise. I say right now because until the Jets put a team out that does what he did – he will forever be the lone hero of the team. I think Joe had valid points on his criticism of Rex. But I think as a man, a Super Bowl Hero and as the face of the Jets he needed to call Rex up, or go to Florham Park. Michael Kay caused this stir up. If this happens behind closed doors the media & public never know anything. But since i during Kay’s show and on a day Namath was not scheduled to be on it was all blown up.
    Do I think Rex speaks too much, hell yes. But you can’t ever make Jet fans happy. Mangini didn’t speak at all – he went from Mangenius to losing two head coaching jobs. Herm who was more like a pep rally leader than a head coach He had some succes sin teh playoffs but never can advance past the secodn round. I won;t ramble on about teh history of the NY Jet head coaches (bit of trivia – Bellicheck was named head coach twice for teh NY Jets and he never caoched one game at that position 1997 before they were able to deal for Parcells and then of course when Parcells retired).
    Anyway my point is Rex needs the benefit of the teh past two seaosn we had bad losses 2009 at vs Bills and Falcons, 2010 at New England and home vs Miami. Now this team looks like it is not going anywhee but we need to wait and see.
    Should have Rex toned down his response to Namath – yes, but that wouldn’t be Rex.
    Anyway miss the show with you and Mac. But please check out my webiste and blog as well &

  3. Love the show out here in the Bay. I’m born and raised in Maine and now live in the East Bay and I’m pumped that we finally some east coast blunt-ness when it comes to opinions vs these other radio stations out here. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. Now that your living out here its time to look for a home! I own a real estate brokerage and specialize in Bay area real estate. I’d love the opportunity to interview for business and show you what I bring to the table. Check us out at

    Sorry for what we did to your Jet’s last night. Their is no championship as long as Sanchez is running the show.

  4. Craig Limmer

     /  08/20/2012

    Well said and done BT.

  5. Anonymous

     /  08/20/2012

    I hope your wrong BT, but I have bad feelings as well about this season.

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