They suck, he doesn’t…

The "race" continues...

28) St. Louis Rams (0-4) Current QB: Sam Bradford, 23 (49.7 completion %, 70.8 QB rating) Given the overall weakness of the NFC West, it’s not too late for Spags’ crew to get healthy–provided they can get healthy. Despite the early bumps, the organization remains committed to Bradford, the overall # 1 pick last season. He’s the real deal, and everyone in the league knows it. Remember, growing pains come with rebuilding efforts, especially with QB’s. They can go 0-16, and in my opinion, still wouldn’t draft Luck, and instead, would trade down and stock the drawers with picks.

Next: BYE (outscored 113-46 thus far)

29) Denver Broncos (1-3) Kyle Orton, 28 (8 TD’s/6 INT’s, 80.8 QB rating) Kyle Orton’s a decent NFL quarterback, and if anything, skews closer to the top than the bottom. Problem is, the Tebow chants will quickly fade to shouts for Luck if the Boys in the Mile High don’t reverse things soon. Wrong team, wrong time for Orton, bottom line. Here’s one thing I know for sure: in 5 years, Orton is still employed. He may very well be holding a clipboard by then, but definitely still employed.

Next: vs. San Diego (outscored 111-81 thus far)

30) Indianapolis Colts (0-4) Curtis Painter, 28 (last game: 13-30, 281 yards, 2TD/0 INT) He already has 4 MVP awards, and watching the Colts this season only reinforces one thing: he deserves a 5th this season, even without taking a single snap. It’s been a long time since the loss of one player so adversely affected a professional team.

The end?

Heck, even the Pats won double figure games without Brady a few years ago. Here’s the real question: do the Colts have the guts to draft Luck if Peyton (and team doctors)  declares himself ready to play next season? It’s the ultimate gamble, and it’s a fascinating subplot.

Next: vs. Chiefs (outscored 108-63 thus far)

31) Kansas City Chiefs (1-3) Matt Cassel, 29 (64.9 completion %, 4 TD/5 INT, 75.2 QB rating) This thing is an absolute mess, but amazingly, there’s an NFL city that currently has it worse. If that’s possible. Embarrassing.

Next: @ Indianapolis (outscored, 126-49)

32) Miami Dolphins (0-4) Chad Henne, 26 (expected to miss the rest of the season with a seperated shoulder) Imagine getting told you’re safe thru the bye-week, and the bye-week is only a few days away. Welcome to Tony Sparano’s world. This has been ugly from the outset, and is crumbling quicker than Lebron James in the 4th quarter. Not that it really matters, but Chad Henne is lost for the season with a shoulder injury, and they still have to play Dallas, the Jets (twice), Pats, Eagles and Giants. Ding, ding, ding….we may very well have a winner.

Next: BYE (outscored 104-69)

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