Get it right, Warriors.

While there’s enough legal jargon to confuse “Harry” Korn, tucked away nicely within the Summary of Principal Deal Terms,  the word “Amnesty” clearly defined on Page 8 within the final draft of the NBA/NBAPA Tentative Agreement released November 26th has received the most attention, and rightly so.

In essence, it’s a mulligan. A monster mulligan. A steroid-driven, HGH-fueled mulligan.

Imagine Jack or Tiger or Arnie shooting a 92 in the final round at the US Open or Augusta, and upon signing the scorecard, a PGA official saying, “No worries, we have time, it’s still light…tee it up again, we’ll delete that last score. This one actually counts.”

That’s what this Amnesty Provision amounts to for NBA executives.

Yes, it’s a weapon, and a potent one, if used properly. One that can alter the fate of a winning franchise with big money tied into aging, decaying players or elevate a middle-of-the-road team with roster imbalance, and anything in between.

But it must be used properly.

Locally, the opinions as to what the Warriors should do fluctuates between absurd and clueless. I haven’t heard one rational thought, because quite frankly, the one thing the Warriors should do, despite reaching the playoffs just once in the past 17 years, is absolutely  nothing.


Yes, you read that right. I am strongly advocating that a team with no winning track record sit tight, and in essence, do nothing.

Maybe covering the Knicks for so many lean years has prepared me to identify mistakes before they actually occur. Lord knows, I dealt with a small army of them at the Garden during the Isiah years.

Or maybe I’m simply smart enough to know, that outside of landing Dwight Howard, there’s nothing new ownership can do today, tomorrow, or even next week, to elevate the franchise to championship heights.

There is work to be done, and growing pains to follow as Mark Jackson navigates a bench for the first time.

One quick glance at the W’s roster, and it’s pretty easy to identify the Amnesty “candidates.”

1) David Lee: signed thru 2015/2016, Lee’s contract escalates considerably, which is key. He’s a solid player, a good teammate, still in his 20’s, and a piece of the rebuilding puzzle.

However, his salary jumps from $11.6 this season to $15.4 in ’15-16, which could be a major hinderance. Down the road, Lee could be a candidate, but not now. He stays.

2) Andris Biedrins: something else I’m familiar with is talented, productive centers falling off the the face of the earth. While Biedrins is in terrific shape (unlike Eddy Curry), he has turned into a mental midget.

He’s a solid rebounder and defender, and this is where you really hope Mark Jackson’s street savvy finds a way to connect with the 7-footer.  He’s locked in for the next two years at $9 million per, with a player option in ’13-’14. Any decent center will command at least that, so financially, it’s worth the gamble. He stays.

3) Monta Ellis: without question, one of the most explosive, talented players in the game, and the Warriors need to strategically use that to their advantage. Let me also get this out of the way in print: I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT A CURRY/ELLIS MARRIAGE WILL ELEVATE THIS TEAM TO CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER.

I’m hitching my wagon to Curry, and building around him. I simply trust him more. Why “Amnesty” Ellis when he’s one of the most valuable trade chips in the NBA? You don’t. He stays, but it’s short term.

I’ve also heard whispers that the Warriors are considering using the one-time provision on back-up Charlie Bell. Charlie Bell? What? I sincerely hope this is a bad attempt at humor, because, honestly, that might be the dumbest thing I’ve heard since relocating to the Bay Area. He’s an expiring contract, which in itself is a valuable asset (especially if packaged with Ellis) and he makes a “meager” $4 million dollars.

You actually want to burn a life-line on that? Moronic.

Sit back, chill. Let Mark Jackson get a feel for the grease-board, for his new roster. Give Jerry West time to evaluate, and let the Lacob’s settle into their owner’s suit at Oracle Arena.

Sometimes, in order to climb a mountain, it’s better to do nothing at first. Plot out a course, a path. Then pounce.

It seems like the ultimate contradiction, but a moribund franchise desperate to shed its loser label, right now, the plan should be to do nothing.

Otherwise, it could be another decade of decadence.

Sit tight, Warriors.

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  1. Jon

     /  11/30/2011

    Totally disagree. They should amnesty Bell and get rid of his 4 million dollar contract. Which would then leave money to sign other FA’s.

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