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One of the bright, electric voices in sports talk radio is Brooklyn, New York native Brandon Tierney. Tierney has made a name for himself as one of the more respected, entertaining, insightful and well-informed personalities in the nation’s largest and most competitive sports and entertainment markets.

Brandon is one of the tri-hosts of  CBS Sports Radio’s nationally-syndicated morning show, “TBD in the AM” joining forces with Tiki Barber and Dana Jacobson. The show airs Monday thru Friday 6-9 EST and is carried on 100 + stations nationwide.

Before arriving at CBS, Tierney hosted the “The Drive” with Tierney and Bucher weekdays from 3-7 PM on 95.7 FM “The Game” in San Francisco. Prior to moving west, BT was a popular staple at 1050 ESPN Radio in New York City for nearly 9 years.

In addition to his hosting duties, Tierney also anchored New York Knicks pre-game, half-time and post-game shows for three seasons (2005-06 through 2007-08) on 1050 and served as occasional play-by-play announcer for the station’s Knicks broadcasts. His game experience also includes serving as play-by-play/lead analyst for St. John’s basketball for six seasons.

On the television side, Tierney was a panelist on SportsNet New York’s (SNY) signature show, “The WheelHouse,”  for three years, in addition to hosting the “Red Storm Report” with St. John’s head coaches Steve Lavin and Norm Roberts. Tierney recently reeled in his first New York Emmy for his role on the network’s 2010 NBA’s “Free Agent Frenzy” program in July, 2010.

He was also a frequent contributor to ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.”

Tierney’s broadcasting career began in 1999 in Allentown Pa., before quickly venturing onto the national scene as an on-air host for the syndicated Sports Fan Radio Network. He eventually moved to Detroit, hosting his own top-rated midday show from 2001-2003 on Sports Radio 1130 “The Fan.” That success enabled him to make the rarest of jumps, back to his native New York.

Brandon earned a B.A. in Journalism from Marist College while also lettering in baseball. Tierney resides in New Jersey with his wife Jennifer, and their 60″ HD TV set and (his) fully-equipped “Man Cave.”

In July of 2012, Tierney was named to the First Annual “Heavy Hundred of Sports Talk” by the editors of Talkers Magazine, recognizing the 100 most important radio hosts in America.

What they’re saying:

Donnie Walsh, President of Basketball Operations, Indiana Pacers: “Brandon Tierney is a sportscaster who asks the right questions and gives you a chance to give your side of the issue in an attempt to “get it right”. This results in a more informative and balanced listen for his audience.”

Stephen A. Smith, ESPN: “No one’s on top of his game more than BT. No one’s more dedicated. He’s my man. The one who really got me started in radio. Listen to him once, and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.”

Ray Martel, Producer “TBD in the AM”: Brandon is a dynamic young talent. One of the reasons I wanted to work with CBS sports radio was to work with passionate, knowledgeable and opinionated hosts, and BT fits that mold. He has all of that plus he has an edge that gets you to think, forces you to react, and keeps the listener on his feet.  His interview skills are second to none and he makes the listener want to come back for more every day. He always wants, and usually gets, the last word, and he always brings it every day. He’s prepared, passionate and most of all engaging. He’s the kind of person you would feel as comfortable sitting down with in a bar to talk sports as you are listening to him on the radio.

Scott Ferrall, CBS Sports Radio: “Brandon is a very strong presence in a very powerful medium. He comes to battle, ready to tangle with callers and colleagues alike. I’ve worked with Brandon in both TV and radio, nationally and locally…Tierney brings it every night, and is extremely prepared. His dedication is unmatched, and really, his only weakness, is his fascination with the Jets.”

Jeremiah Crowe, Excutive Producer, 95.7 FM “The Game” San Francisco: “Brandon’s drive in adapting to the Bay Area and his willingness to reach out with fans, players & front offices has been truly impressive to watch.  He’s dedicated to growing relationships with each & every listener, and in turn, helping them become smarter/more informed sports fans – which sets his work ethic apart from the majority of talent I’ve worked with in the past.  There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll have an army of loyal listeners here in the SF/OAK market before long, and his determination to evolve as a host ensures fans will never be disappointed when they tune in 2-6p.”

Mychal Urban, Bay Area/95.7 FM/Comcast MLB Insider: “I’ve lived and breathed sports in the San Francisco Bay Area for all of my 43 years, and as a member of the region’s sports media for the past 20 I know of what I speak when I say that Brandon is, quite simply, the most dynamic, passionate and entertaining personality with which our market has EVER been blessed. His style of engagement, his ability to make you not just WANT but HAVE to listen…comes off so effortlessly. Tierney is incredible. The best.”

Mike Vaccaro, Columnist, New York Post: “The difficult balancing act you need to pull off when you work in the sports media business is retaining the passions of a fan while presenting insight and opinion with professional detachment. Anyone who’s listened to Brandon Tierney on the radio and seen him on TV knows he pairs knowledge and fervor in equal, expert doses, and that also comes across on this blog, which should be a destination spot for you if you care even a little about sports and the athletes who play them.”  

Brian Custer, Host, SNY: “I would put Brandon’s knowledge of sports against the best in the business. And that being said, his sports knowledge pales in comparison to his passion and dedication to his craft. He’s a true media professional, and a better person off the air than he is on air.”

Jonathan Winthrop, Producer “Mac & Tierney Show”: “One of the most raw and intense talkers on the radio today. Truly embodies the soul and spirit of the medium. Just when you think you know where he’s taking you, Tierney totally flips the script.”

Gustavo Figueroa, Producer “The Wheelhouse” SNY: “Brandon’s presence, versatility and vast knowledge made “The Wheelhouse” a must watch for avid, intelligent observers of the local landscape. BT’s passion for his work was on display every day, for all nine innings, five days a week. His motor never stops.”

Alan Hahn, MSG: “Brandon Tierney has the undying passion and relentless energy of the New York sports fan with the discerning eye for news and the rare versatility to offer sharp, poignant analysis of the three major sports. Without question, B.T. is the buddy every guy would want to watch a game with and have on your side in any sports bar debate. And with that smooth, Brooklyn charm, he’s not a bad wingman, either.”

Mark Fratto, Senior Associate Athletics Director, St. John’s University: “Brandon Tierney is a hard-hitting, knowledgeable sports personality, and a perfect fit for any major market. His enthusiasm and no-nonsense approach elevates everything he touches and his work for St. John’s University–whether as a play-by-play announcer, television show host or Master of Ceremonies at events–is always first-class and exemplary. He extremely credible, and that translates to every show, game, project or cause. 




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  1. danny7434

     /  06/15/2010

    Hey BT, I am a big fan. I watch the Wheelhouse every day. Love the show. I just want to respectively challenge your position on Nate, which you spoke about on the show last week. I agree he seems like a good person but I think it is a disgrace that he recently badmouthed the Knicks organization in saying that they did wrong by him by not signing him to a long term deal last summer. He is a little ungrateful if you ask me. He would be nowhere near as popular if he wasn’t playing in NYC the last several years and if I am not mistaken, no team, the Celtics included, made him an offer last summer. Plus, Donnie Walsh gave him more than double his qualifying offer when he didn’t have to. Also, DW did him a huge favor by trading him to the Celtics, a move I think Donnie did out of respect for Nate and how hard he played. It just annoys me that he has the nerve to bad mouth the organization that made him. It is also a joke that all of a sudden he is this tenacious full court defender in Boston when the last 3 Knicks coached couldn’t get this guy to play any defense. Say what you will about D’Antoni not being a defensive coach but I saw and heard many times him getting on Nate about being a more aggressive defender. I would love to hear you feedback. Love the show brother, keep up the good work.

  2. gkhjr11

     /  06/16/2010

    BT Express just found your blog…we miss you in the D! “The Fan” is pretty much dead since you left!

  3. timwoodcox

     /  12/30/2010

    Brandon I really don’t want to seem tacky… this is different for me but I HAD to write you after I heard you on “THE HEARD” today! I am writing to see if you were serious about a comment you made on air lol. I turned on the radio for about three minutes as I was pulling into my office today & I heard you filling in for Colin. You started talking about getting older, looking in the mirror at the weight we gain over the years. After joking about not working out or doing yoga you asked “isn’t there a MAGIC Pill out there that is legal?” I laughed out loud & almost crashed! One of my company’s best selling products is “LITERALLY” called DIET “MAGIC”. It’s safe, all natural, effective & guaranteed. If you’re serious I would just like to get you some info or send you some free samples with info. Sorry to be writing in about this instead of a sports topic but when I heard you ask if there was a MAGIC pill my jaw dropped I tried to email the show first thing. I would love to hear something back from ya. Thank you!

  4. J. Michael

     /  11/29/2011

    Welcome to the west the best coast. So now you are here, so support our native sons like Mark Sanchez doing it on the east coast along a past “slightly above average quarterback” from San Mateo name of Tom Brady. Leave your east coast bias against “Sanchez” back east with your buddies.

  5. mark

     /  01/09/2012

    uhh, Sanchez sucks, bro.

  6. Anonymous

     /  01/11/2012


  7. Rick Lebherz

     /  02/17/2012

    Here is the Ellis Trade that is realistic

    Andrew Bogut Bucks Warriors
    2011 12,100,000 2011 20,000,000 27,560,000
    2012 13,150,000 2012 20,000,000 29,410,000
    2013 14,200,000 2013 20,000,000players options 20,880,000
    2014 0 6,680,000
    Steven Jackson
    2011 9,260,000
    2012 10,060,000

    Drew Gooden
    2011 6,200,000
    2012 6,680,000
    2013 6,680,000
    2014 6,680,000
    2011 11,000,000
    2012 11,000,000
    2013 11,000,000 player option

    2011 9,000,000
    2012 9,000,000
    2013 9,000,000 player option
    TBD Bucks Pick- probably some young talent

  8. Kim

     /  11/19/2013

    Good info. Lucky me I found your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book marked it for later!

  9. John Bauer

     /  12/23/2013

    Hey Brandon,
    If you’re on your way to San Francisco via Rte. 101, you need to look to your right (not your left) to see Candlestick. Don’t want to confuse the poor tourists and sports fans.

  10. BT I am a big fan of yours and I agree with you on most topics. I just don’t understand your stance on Eli Manning. I have to say I think you underrate and undervalue him tremendously. The biggest thing for me is that when the N.Y.Giants take the field every week …year in and year out…Eli Manning is their QB. That alone means so much in this NFL day of so many major injuries. He is the MVP the Giants ever had…by far…and that includes Lawrence Taylor,Phil Simms,YA Title,Frank Gifford,or any other player in their history.The two time MVP of the Super Bowl,he defeated Tom Brady,Tony Romo,Brett Farve,and Aarron Rodgers…in the biggest games for all the marbles. If he does it again this year. I hope he gets his just due from his critics. By the way if I had my choice of one QB to win a big game…my choice would be Eli.

  11. JimmyBX

     /  12/25/2016

    BRANDON TIERNEY is an ape. Knows squat about basketball and barely knows anything about football. Total joke. Go have another donut, you Brooklyn born moron.

  12. Phil Sims

     /  05/31/2017

    I am a big fan of BT. I really like the show on CBS Sports Network with Tiki Barber. They work well together and its a GREAT show. These two are on top of their game and I truly enjoy watching them. Keep up the great work.

  13. Joe

     /  09/12/2017

    Great Talent , good fill in for C.Carton on BOOMER and CARTON Show and POSSIBLE FULL-TIME REPLACEMENT .

  14. Joe Marcella

     /  09/12/2017

    Great Talent , good fill in for C.Carton on BOOMER and CARTON Show and POSSIBLE FULL-TIME REPLACEMENT .

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