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 NFL Veteran Bart Scott, Former Oakland Raiders Executive Amy Trask and  

CBS Sports Radio’s Brandon Tierney Join Host Adam Schein on “TOPS”

Beginning Sunday, Sept. 8

“The NFL Today” and “The NFL on CBS” Announce Team to Appear Regularly

Continuing its aggressive expansion of programming around CBS Sports’ marquee properties, CBS Sports Network launches THAT OTHER PREGAME SHOW (TOPS), a new weekly Sunday football studio program debutingSunday, Sept. 8 (9:00 AM-1:00 PM, ET). The announcement was made today by Sean McManus, Chairman, CBS Sports, and Executive Producer, THE NFL ON CBS, and David Berson, President, CBS Sports.

THAT OTHER PREGAME SHOW breaks from the familiar pregame show format, presenting a unique fan-focused take on all the week’s NFL and college action, headlines and hot-button issues, giving viewers all the latest information as it happens. TOPS will be hosted by Adam Schein along with 11-year NFL veteran Bart Scott, long-time Oakland Raiders executive Amy Trask, CBS Sports Radio’s Brandon Tierney, fantasy analyst Nathan Zegura and LEAD OFF’s Allie LaForce reporting.

The show also will incorporate various forms of social media interaction, engaging the TOPS team with its viewers.  The last hour of the show will be centered on Fantasy Football helping fans set their line-ups each week. Continuing its focus on all things football, TOPS will take a look back at all the college football games and performances that fans are still talking about from the previous day and look forward to the week ahead.

Regular contributors to THAT OTHER PREGAME SHOW include analysts from THE NFL TODAY: Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason, Shannon Sharpe and Bill Cowher, as well as host James Brown and Insider Jason La Canfora. CBS Sports’ NFL on CBS announcers will appear regularly from their game sites, including Phil Simms, Dan Fouts, Dan Dierdorf, Rich Gannon, Solomon Wilcots, Steve Tasker and Steve Beuerlein.

“In today’s television landscape, there is certainly room for another pregame show if that show offers a unique approach and perspective,” said McManus. “THAT OTHER PREGAME SHOW will accomplish that, as we combine all the assets of CBS Sports including CBS Sports Radio and, creating a show focusing on the fans and how they consume football.”

THAT OTHER PREGAME SHOW is part of CBS Sports Network’s expanded studio programming focusing on NFL football. TOPS joins NFL MONDAY QB, which returns for its second season on Monday, Sept. 9 (5:00 PM, ET), with host Adam Schein and analysts Phil Simms, Rich Gannon, Steve Beuerlein and Insider Jason LaCanfora. After Week 1, NFL MONDAY QB airs weekly at 6:30 PM, ET.

Scott joins CBS Sports Network after an 11-year NFL playing career with the Baltimore Ravens (2002-2008) and New York Jets (2009-2012). In 2006, he was a Pro Bowl selection and earned All Pro honors.

Trask spent 26 seasons with the Oakland Raiders working directly for Al Davis. She was named the first female CEO in the NFL in 1997. Under her watch, the Raiders won four Division Championships (1990, 2000, 2001 and 2002) and one AFC Championship (2002).

Tierney serves as co-host of TBD in the AM, CBS Sports Radio’s national morning show. He has been a staple on sports talk radio in New York and San Francisco for the last 10 years, most recently at 95.7 The Game in the Bay Area. 

Schein, host of TOPS and NFL MONDAY QB, anchors “Schein on Sports,” a sports talk radio show on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio, and is featured on SportsNet New York’s weekday show “Loud Mouths.”

Zegura is the Senior Fantasy Football Writer for and appears regularly on’s FANTASY FOOTBALL TODAY.

LaForce is a co-host of LEAD OFF, CBS Sports Network’s weekday late night news and commentary program, and also served as sideline reporter during the 2013 NCAA Tournament.  She joined CBS Sports Network in 2012. 

Shawn Robbins and Andrew Finger produce THAT OTHER PREGAME SHOW. Tyler Hale is Vice President, Studio Production, CBS Sports and Harold Bryant serves as Executive Producer of CBS Sports. The show will originate from the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City.


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CBS Sports Contacts: Mariel Brady     212-975-5373

                                 Jerry Caraccioli 212-975-7466


Prove it!

Quick, name an NFL QB without pressure. Impossible. Whether it’s aging icons like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning or developing neophytes like Luck and and Wilson, when it comes to the shield, no one one’s safe from the unrelenting spotlight. Had a good season? Great, have a better one this year. Finally brought your franchise back to the playoffs? Terrific, now get to the conference championship.

In attempting to quantify the pressures certain QB’s face entering the ’13 season, I used one pretty simple gauge: which players could have the course of their careers permanently altered if they stumble badly beginning in September? With that in mind, I automatically disqualified last season’s rookie crop: Luck, RG III, Wilson and Tannehill are safe. Regardless of what this season yields, they’re already locked in as starters for the ’14 season.

Immediately, Tony Romo came to mind, but let’s face it: I could have written this piece three years ago with the same result. Even with all of his miscues, in Dallas, his armor is impenetrable. Win, lose or draw there never appears to be any real consequence for Romo, unless of course you count contract extensions. His head coach of course, is another story.

With all of the whispers coming from Tampa, it’s impossible not to study Josh Freeman. I believe in Freeman and expect his play to mute the groans and silence his critics, so I eliminated him.

Sure, I’d like to see Andy Dalton take another step forward, particularly with his deep routes, and with another weapon at TE, the microscope is out, to an extent. Is he merely very good, or is he a superstar? Either way, safe. The Jaguars simply drafted the wrong guy in Blaine Gabbert as did the Vikes with Christian Ponder, so I won’t waste anyone’s time there. Eli and Big Ben, multiple rings, safe regardless. Philip Rivers’ implosion the last two seasons is a head scratcher, but I attribute that to other factors and for the most part, exonerate the former NC State star. He still resonates enough, barely, for him to avoid the heat of this column.

I’ve never truly been a huge Matt Schaub fan, and while I’ve always gone against the grain and supported Jay Cutler, his talents alone will keep him around, somewhere, for a while. Joe Flacco and Matthew Stafford, armed with new deals and lofty expectations, will invariably have to fend off a few detractors at certain points this season, same with Cam Newton in Carolina, who by the way, will deliver. As always, there’s a revolving door under center in Buffalo and Oakland, and while the Bills situation is less intriguing to me, I strongly considered Matt Flynn, before ultimately passing. We know Matt, you tossed 6 TD’s a few years ago in a meaningless game, cashed out and haven’t been heard from since. Wake me when he’s actually relevant, which quite frankly, will probably be never.

Aaron Rodgers remains the best all-around QB in football and until one of the kids fully ripens, that title appears safe for another few seasons. Is Drew Brees still a Hall of Fame QB, or will there be a trace of attrition? Can Matty Ice take the next step? I’ll keep an eye on Carson Palmer in Arizona, now that he’s finally paired with an elite WR again, and while they could surprise, there’s not enough happening in Tennessee or Cleveland to make me loook twice, not yet anyway.

Michael Vick could easily headline my short list of QB’s facing the most pressure entering September, but quite frankly, it’s 50/50 that he departs Lehigh’s campus with a starting job, so he gets a reprieve for now. That ship has sailed.

For a select few, it’s less about money and glory, and more about salvation. Can they regain the wheel of their career or veer off into a very undesirable exit on the NFL Freeway. It’s called Obscurity Avenue.


Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams: I like Bradford quite a bit. Talented kid, but there’s one very important stain on the former #1 overall pick’s resume: his W/L record. While the NFC West is now undeniably the strongest in football, for most of his career, it was irrefutably among the worst. Yet, entering his 4th season, Bradford’s career mark is a ghastly 15-26-1. While his TD/INT ratio is relatively solid, his overall efficiency lags behind many of his peers. Franchise QB’s connect on more than 60% of their pass attempts, plain and simple. The kid has the requisite tools, and he still has my support, but it’s time. He finally has the coach and a nice toy in 1st round stud Tavon Austin, plus with FA import Jake Long locking down his blind side, he’ll have time to throw. At the end of the day, QB’s are judged on how many games they win versus how many games they lose. He needs to start stuffing a more W’s in the left-hand column. Simply put, Bradford needs to prove that he’s not a bust. Will the real Sam Bradford stand up? Or perhaps, he already has?

Can Smith win without Harbaugh? We'll find out soon.

Can Smith win without Harbaugh? We’ll find out soon.

Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs: Since being drafted #1 overall by the 49ers in 2005, two Alex Smiths have emerged: Alex Smith without Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith with Jim Harbaugh and boy, they are two very, very different players. Without Harbaugh maniacally patrolling the sidelines, Smith’s first five seasons in the Bay yielded the following results: 2-5, 7-9, 2-5, 5-5 and 3-7. Following Dr. Jim’s rehabilitation, Smith rallied to win 19 of 25 games before having the plug pulled in favor of Colin Kaepernick last season. Yet, plenty of questions linger. Can Smith win without an elite defense? Remember, short fields equal fewer risks and fewer risks equate to fewer turnovers. What happens when he has to fling it 35-40 times on the road? He’s a smart kid, and a lot tougher than people give him credit for, but can he win without Harbaugh holding his hand? The training wheels are off, and Alex Smith needs to prove that he can play. I wouldn’t bet too much on Smith, personally. 

Fewer butt-encounters and more TD's must he on the menu for Sanchez to remain in New York.

Fewer butt-encounters and more TD’s must be on the menu for Sanchez to remain in New York.

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets: I have to admit, Sanchez tricked me. Looked the part, won a few games early, made some big throws on the road, in tough venues, in the playoffs. The problem with the former USC star, is that not a single part of his game is clearly above-average. His arm is solid strength, but he doesn’t have a blaster. At one point, his accuracy was developing nicely, but his mechanics dissolved and he now resembles a helpless pitcher aiming the ball. He’s a good athlete, but not nearly dynamic enough to actually have to game plan against outside of the pocket. But most disconcerting to the organization is his inability to lead other grown men, which at this level, is paramount. Santonio Holmes and others poisoned a winning culture, and Sanchez did nothing to stop it. At the end of the day, he’s an average QB with poor leadership skills. The Jets drafted Geno Smith for a reason and with Rex Ryan’s rope fraying to the core, Sanchez is out of chances. Stand up, put up and deliver, or get bounced from New York. Mark Sanchez needs to prove that he’s more substance than show. Simply stated, he needs to prove that he’s a starting QB in the NFL. My opinion? He trips early and stays on the canvas.

Prove it.

3, 2, 1…LAUNCH!



Complete list of affiliates for 1/2 launch, including market/call letters/dial position

DMA/MARKET                                                         STATION/DIAL

1  NEW YORK                                                         WINE-AM 940
1  NEW YORK                                                         WPUT-AM 1510
2  LOS ANGELES                                                    KRAK-AM 910
2  LOS ANGELES                                                    KVEN-AM 1450
4  PHILADELPHIA                                                   WIP-AM 610
4  PHILADELPHIA                                                   WIOV-AM 1240
6  SAN FRANCISCO/OAKLAND                            KNBR-AM 680
9  ATLANTA                                                           WELR-AM 1360
9  ATLANTA                                                            WFOM-AM 1230
9  ATLANTA                                                           WLAG-AM 1240
10 HOUSTON                                                         KIKK-AM 650
11 DETROIT                                                             WXYT-AM 1270
12 SEATTLE-TACOMA                                            KFNQ-AM 1090
14 TAMPA-ST. PETERSBURG                              WHFS-AM 1010
17 DENVER                                                              KEPN-AM 1600
19 ORLANDO/DAYTONA/MELB                            WSJZ-RM 95.9
21 ST. LOUIS                                                       KWMO-AM 1350
25 CHARLOTTE                                                      WBCN-AM 1660
26 INDIANAPOLIS                                                   WXNT-AM 1430
27 BALTIMORE                                                        WJZ-AM 1300
31 KANSAS CITY                                                     KCMO-FM 102.5
32 COLUMBUS, OH                                                WNKK-FM 107.1
33 SALT LAKE CITY                                               KFNZ-AM1320
33 SALT LAKE CITY                                              KJQS-AM 1230
34 MILWAUKEE                                                       WSSP-AM 1250
40 LAS VEGAS                                                      KXST-AM 1140
48 LOUISVILLE                                                        WAIN-AM 1270
51 BUFFALO                                                         WHLD-AM 1270
52 NEW ORLEANS                                                 WMTI-FM 106.1
56 LITTLE ROCK-PINE BLUFF                            KARN-AM 920
65 CHARLESTON-HUNTINGTON                         WBES-AM 950 & WKYH-AM 600
68 FLINT-SAGINAW-BAY CITY                           WTRX-AM 1330
69 GREEN BAY-APPLETON                                   WDUZ-FM 107.5 & WDUZ-AM 1400
70 TUCSON (SIERRA VISTA)                               KCUB-AM 1290
72 DES MOINES-AMES                                          KBGG-AM 1700
74 TOLEDO                                                              WLQR-FM 106.5
77 COLUMBIA, SC                                                  WYMB-AM 920
83 SHREVEPORT                                                   KRMD-AM 1340
84 SYRACUSE                                                       WSKO-AM 1260
85 MADISON                                                          WTDY-FM 106.7
92 SAVANNAH                                                         WZAT-FM 102.1
95 BURLINGTON-PLATTSBURGH                          WEAV-AM 960
101 FT SMITH-FAYETTVIL-SPRNDL-RGR               KXSM-FM 92.1 & KLSZ-FM 100.7
103 MYRTLE BEACH-FLORENCE, SC               WSEA-FM100.3 WWFN-FM100.1 WTOD-AM1450
110 YOUNGSTOWN                                                WBBW-AM 1240 & WLLF-FM 96.7
112 BOISE                                                                KTIK-FM 93.1 & KTIK-AM 1350
114 SPRINGFIELD-HOLYOKE                             WHLL-AM 1450
118 MACON                                                              WAYS-AM 1500
119 MONTGOMERY-SELMA                                   WMSP-AM 740
120 TRAVERSE CITY-CADILLAC                         WCCW-AM 1310
121 EUGENE                                                           KUJZ-FM 95.3 & KSKR-AM 1490
130 AMARILLO                                                      KPUR-AM 1440
136 TOPEKA                                                         KTOP-AM 1490
146 ERIE                                                                 WRIE-AM 1260
150 ALBANY, GA                                                      WGPC-AM 1450
154 TERRE HAUTE                                                 WVLN-AM 740
155 BANGOR                                                           WSYY-AM 1240
163 GAINSVILLE                                                     WTMN-AM 1430
164 ABILENE-SWEETWATER                              KTLT-FM 98.1
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