When the right move feels wrong.


When evaluating the decision to jettison Darrelle Revis to the Bucs, I’m forcing myself to step back and do so two ways:

1) As a life-long Jets fan and season ticket holder for a few seasons in the late 90’s.

2) As a broadcaster with a nationally-syndicated platform.

Amazingly, both sides of my brain connect on this: not only was it the right move for New York, but quite frankly, it was the only move.


No other franchise besides Tampa Bay was even remotely interested in rolling the dice on that ugly scar on Revis’ knee. Combined with his perpetually petulant ways regarding his contractual status with the Jets, John Idzik was left no choice: swallow hard and deal the most talented player in the history of the franchise.

You read that right. More talented than Namath, more talented than Klecko and Curtis Martin. Talent was never the problem for # 24 and as long as his knee holds up, really, never will be. 

The problem quite frankly, is that the New York Jets absolutely, unequivocally suck. And even worse, they will suck for quite some time.

They have no QB.

They have no RB’s.

Their offensive line is frighteningly overrated and thin.

Their top WR is an under-sized locker room cancer.

The one player with actual on-field chemistry with the embattled QB, Dustin Keller, is now wearing a different uniform.

Their HC is still writing checks his mouth can’t cash and will be gone next season. I still have a soft spot for Rex, but let’s face it: the only time he’ll meet the President is if the Commander-in-Chief needs some help filling out his NCAA bracket next March.

The salary cap, thank to Mike Tannenbaum, is in complete disarray. 

The division is getting better, namely Miami.

Must I continue?

Oops, almost forgot: the owner is a clown.

If you follow me on any number of social media outlets, you’ll know this trade hardly surprises me. I called it last season, put it down in ink.


“But it doesn’t make any sense to trade the only elite player on the roster!!”

Sure it does, especially in football, where every dollar counts. From offseason workout bonuses to roster bonuses to however the hell else they break down the numbers, it all matters, especially for a team with empty cupboards.

And the cupboards are as bare as they’ve been in quite some time, maybe ever, for the Jets. Now, that truly is a damning statement.

They are bordering on expansion bad, in my opinion.

Which is the only reason I am able to intellectually and emotionally put my brain and arms around this deal. You see, the problem isn’t necessarily Revis’ demands or even his knee. The problem is, the Jets are so bad, that his career-arc no longer matches the timetable for Gang Green’s resurgence. 

By the time Idzik balances the check book and the young, explosive and CHEAP talent he is about to draft over the next few years, by the time that matures, Darrelle Revis will be on the wrong side of a Hall of Fame career. 

I wish I was wrong, and as much as I feel like blasting this move, I can’t.

But do to so, it’s imperative to separate emotion from reality, which for me at times, is an interesting juggle.

My whole life, emotion has fueled me, propelled me, served as a magic power of sorts.

But when it comes to # 24, the most talented player in the history of my franchise, reality and logic must outweigh that emotion, otherwise I might just lose my mind.

It’s the only way to wipe away the haze and fog and realize, the New York Jets actually did the right thing.

Like all tropical vacations, unpacking is depressing. However, the quicker you reach into the suit case following our glorious stint on “Revis Island,” the better off you’ll be.

There’s always another trip, even if it seems light years away.

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